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Key Stage Results

Key Stage Data

SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) are given at the end of  year 6. They are used to show your child’s progress compared with other children born in the same month.  The tests take place nationally over one week in May.  SATS are used by teachers when assessing the progress of their pupils throughout the year.

Bowmansgreen Statutory Test Results_2017

Click here to download our 2016 results

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Click here to download our KS1 results 2014

Click here to download our KS2 results 2014


Early Years Foundation Stage results

The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile is used by teachers to assess children at the end of Early Years. This is a set of Early Learning Goals and for every goal teachers report whether a child is emerging, expected or exceeding the criteria of that goal.


Phonics Screening check results
The phonics screening check is a short, simple assessment, in June of Year 1, to check children’s ability to decode phonics.

Our recent results were as follows:

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check  % Achieving required mark 
2012 50
2013 66
2014 90
2015 93
2016 88
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