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Cockerel Cards – 03.05.17

Well done to the following children who received cockerel cards during the week to 3rd May:
Eliza Rec BC Achievement
Jody 5C Bravo
Shakyra Rec BC Achievement
Taye 5C Bravo
Lacey Rec JD Achievement
Alex 5C Bravo
Mikail 2C Achievement
Alfie 5C Bravo
Jessica 2T Achievement
Kyeesha 5C Bravo
Shay 2T Bravo
Megan 5C Bravo
Harry 2T Bravo
Aneesah 5W Bravo
Chloe 2T Achievement
Alexandra 5W Bravo
Leon 2T Achievement
Frankie 5W Bravo
Harry 2T Bravo
Alex 6G Achievement
Filip 2T Bravo
Sara 6G Achievement
Ollie 2T Bravo
Max 6G Bravo
Fariha 2T Achievement
Noah 6G Achievement x 2
Mason 2T Achievement
Bethany 6HS Bravo
Ava 3DT Bravo
Thodoris 6HS Bravo
Jacey 3DT Bravo
Dylan PSB Bravo
Phoebe 3DT Achievement
Lucy 3DT Achievement

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