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    Cockerel Cards – 12.07.2017

    Well done to the following children who received cockerel cards during the week to Wednesday 12th July.

    Ruby Rec BC Achievement
    Chloe 3DT Bravo
    Lexi Rec BC Achievement
    Hudson 3DT Bravo
    Alexandru Rec JD Achievement
    Luca 3S Bravo
    Brecon Rec JD Achievement
    Max 3S Bravo
    Harry Rec JD Achievement
    Freddie 4B Bravo
    Issy 1H Bravo
    Harry 4B Bravo
    Blake 1R Achievement
    Fernando 4B Achievement & Bravo
    Lea 2C Achievement
    Lewis 4SP Achievement
    Subhaan 2C Achievement x 2
    Alex 4SP Achievement
    Archie 2C Achievement
    Sienna 5C Bravo
    Harry 2T Achievement
    Daisy 5C Bravo
    Ruby 2T Achievement
    Jack 5C Bravo
    Elaha 2T Achievement
    Leah 5C Bravo
    Harry 2T Achievement
    Natasha 5C Bravo
    Lyra 2T Achievement
    Isabella 5C Bravo
    Victor 2T Achievement
    Kyeesha 5C Bravo
    Micah 2T Bravo
    Megan 5C Bravo
    Willow 2T Bravo
    Jess 6G Achievement
    Csanad 2T Bravo
    Heidi 6G Achievement
    Fariha 2T Bravo
    Mason 6G Achievement
    Marwa 2T Achievement & Bravo
    Sadiya 6G Achievement
    Brendon 2T Achievement & Bravo
    Max 6G Achievement
    Taybah 3DT Bravo
    Skye 6G Achievement
    Charlie 3DT Bravo
    Zsofia 6G Achievement
    Sebastian 3DT Bravo
    Kaylem 6HS Bravo

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