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Cockerel Cards

Well done to the following children who received cockerel cards during the week ending Wednesday, 7th December.

Amirah Rec BC Achievement
Ayaan Rec BC Achievement
Lexie Rec BC Achievement
Archie Rec JD Achievement
Anniyah 1H Achievement
Preeya 1H Achievement
Edie 1H Achievement
Noah 1H Bravo
Oscar 1R Achievement
Rose 1R Bravo
Leo 1R Bravo
Tylan 1R Bravo
Scarlet 1R Bravo
Mikail 2C Achievement
Harry 2C Achievement
Mikail 2C Bravo
Micah 2T Achievement
Jessica 2T Achievement
Shay 2T Achievement
Harry 2T Achievement
Filip 2T Achievement
Ruby 2T Achievement
Harry 2T Bravo
Aylin 2T Bravo
Chloe 3DT Achievement
Charlie 3DT Achievement
Sarah 3DT Achievement
Verity 3DT Achievement
Megan 3DT Bravo
Aimee 3DT Bravo
Karl 3S Achievement
Maddy 3S Achievement
Fraser 3S Achievement
Nathandria 3S Bravo
Archie 3S Bravo
Luca 4B Achievement
Laila 4B Bravo
Tommy 4B Bravo
Luca 4B Bravo
Angel 4SP Achievement x 2
Lola 4SP Bravo
Mario 4SP Bravo
Kyle 4SP Bravo
Luke 4SP Bravo
Elijah 4SP Bravo x 2
Taeya 4SP Bravo X 3
Mara 4SP Bravo & Achievement
Zoe 4SP Bravo & Achievement
Rhiannon 4SP Bravo x 2 & Achievement
Grace 4SP Bravo X 3 & Achievement x 1
Imogen 4SP Bravo x 2 & Achievement x 1

Jack 5C Achievement
Ryan 5C Achievement
Alex 5C Achievement
Tiago 5C Achievement
Jimmy 5C Bravo
Daisy May 5C Bravo
Isa 5C Bravo
Natasha 5C Bravo
Emily 5C Bravo x 2
Albie 5C Bravo X 2 & Achievement x 1
Maira 5W Achievement
Szymon 5W Achievement
Marilena 5W Achievement
Sofia 5W Achievement x 2
Dylan 5W Bravo
Zak 5W Bravo
Mya 5W Bravo
Thomas 5W Bravo
Bianca 5W Bravo
Leila 5W Bravo
Anisa 5W Bravo & Achievement
Scarlett 5W Bravo & Achievement
Alexandra 5W Bravo x 1 & Achievement x 2
Mitchell 6G Achievement
Camille 6G Achievement
Daria 6G Achievement
Hichem 6G Achievement
Noah 6G Achievement
Ashley 6G Bravo
Shaun 6G Bravo
Mahaaz 6G Bravo
Devarssa 6G Bravo
George 6HS Achievement
Sian 6HS Bravo
Layla 6HS Bravo
Alfie 6HS Bravo x 2
Theo 6HS Bravo
Tassia 6HS Bravo
Felix PSB Achievement
Dylan PSB Achievement x 2
Tyler PSB Bravo

Well done everyone!

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