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Reminders from the Office

During the day, we are requested to deliver many messages/packages to children which can cause disruption in the class. These can be packed lunches, PE kits or messages informing the teacher that they are going home with a friend, neighbour etc. Please can we ask you to make sure that children have what they need on arrival at school and that any changes to pick up arrangements are given in the morning to the class teacher (with the exception of emergencies, of course).

The school office is extremely busy throughout the day and we are concerned that we may not be able to deliver the message/package in time, despite our very best efforts.

Thank you.

Absence from School
Please could we remind parents/carers that you are required to telephone or text the school office on each day of your child/children’s absence. This does include absence for religious holidays.

Medication Reminder
Unfortunately the school office is not allowed to give the children any antibiotics or Calpol/Nurofen during the school day. Parents/carers are more than welcome to come to the school and to give the medicine themselves.

School Mornings
The classroom and entrance doors are shut promptly at 8.45 am. If your child arrives after 8.45 am at the front entrance they need to come through the School Office. If they arrive at the back entrance please make sure they see the adult on the junior door so that we can be sure they are marked in. The back gate (Library side) is shut promptly at 9.00 am.

End of Day Arrangements
We would like to remind parents/carers that unless you have filled in the forms for your child to leave school independently the class teacher will only let the children leave if they are being collected by someone over the age of 16. Reception and KS1 finish at 3.00 pm and KS2 finish at 3.05 pm, please ensure your children are collected on time.

Packed Lunches
Please could we remind you that children should not bring in nuts or nutella sandwiches to school as we have several children in school who have severe allergies.

Unfortunately the school policy is that we do not allow children to bring in sweets/cakes to their class to celebrate their birthdays. This is because we are a healthy eating school and we also have a lot of children with allergies

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