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Strategic Gaming Club

Welcome to the Bowmansgreen


‘Strategic Gaming Club’

Tuesdays  3:05-5:00pm for Years 5 & 6

Location: Music Room

Leader: Mr Downing

Members of the gaming club enjoying a game of Warhammer 40,000

Come along and join in

In this club we look to introduce new players to the hobby of Strategic Table-top Gaming whilst providing experienced players with a supervised environment running leagues and competitions.  The club aims to cover a wide selection of games with the initial focus on introducing players to beginner level games such as ‘Battlemasters’, then moving on to Games Workshop’s ‘Warhammer 40,000’ – Privateer Press’s ‘Warmachine’ & ‘Hordes’ – and the historical World War II game ‘Flames of War’ – as well as many others.

A view of the battlemasters game in action

Every half-term we aim to focus on a group of 8 new gamers to be taught the ropes through large participation games.  The club will always be open to experienced gamers who wish to make use of the facilities to play games using their own miniatures, and staff will be on hand to act as referee’s/arbitrators.

As well as gaming, the club will run workshops in miniature painting, modelling and scenery building.

There will be a fee of £3 per session to pay for additional resources.


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