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Manor House Captains

There are two House Captains for Manor, Mark and Grace. Here they introduce themselves.


Mark - Manor House CaptainMark 6RM
I like being Manor House Captain because I like taking on big responsibilities. It is also very challenging because you have to remember at the beginning of Thursday play, you have to collect the house points for the week.




Grace - Manor House CaptainGrace 6LT
I really wanted to be a House Captain because I know I’m honest and fair, and would never forget to do my job. It is really fun to be able to represent Manor in all sorts of ways. I enjoy it because it is interesting to find out how many house points Manor has got throughout the week. I’m really pleased to see that manor has always got so many house points every time I collect them. I try to inspire children to win house points for Manor, however the new behaviour chart is making all the children try to win house points for their team.

Keep up the good work!

I really enjoy singing and do lots of performing arts. I’m very confident and very helpful. I do tap, dancing and drama and singing. I love music because I listen to it all the time and don’t stop singing! I can even play the piano and really enjoy it.

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