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Most Able Provision

Meeting the curriculum needs of our most able pupils

 There are three main types of curriculum provision for our most able pupils.


Enrichment is used as a distinct teaching and learning strategy when there is planned intervention on behalf of a pupil or pupils, in order to broaden their knowledge and understanding beyond the usual parameters of a subject or topic.

Enrichment will usually occur through the use of additional resources or learning opportunities, it may consist of classroom exercises or be a more open ended project type piece of work.



Extension is used most able pupils when they are encouraged to use higher order thinking skills, work practices and response skills than might normally be expected from pupils of their age.

An example of such an approach would see most able pupils challenged through the use of greater degrees of independent and self directed learning.



 Acceleration is used as a distinct teaching and learning strategy when a pupil is moved to work with older pupils, or when the work of older pupils is taken and used in a class of younger pupils. Acceleration does not suit all pupils and the strategies of enrichment and extension should be worked through first.

In 2013-14 Bowmansgreen has looked to support and challenge its most able pupils through a range of enrichment activities alongside extension activities in the classroom.

These have included:


  • Partnership with Samuel Ryder Academy – 15 year 5 more able scientists took part in a programme of activity at Samuel Ryder


  • Enlisted Engineering/LEGO company HG Education and Robotics Ltd to run an after school club for the more able mathematicians in yr3 -6. This was funded through the school’s enrichment budget.


  • G+T artists worked with Miss Robbins, schools art coordinator during Maths and Art day.


  • Entered national Quiz Club competition for first time. One child from yr3-6 formed team encouraging team work and cooperation as well as general knowledge.


  • Committed to ‘More Able in yr4/5’ project organised by our Local Partnership. This has a focus on challenging the more able in a real and exciting way using specialist teachers in English, maths and science.


  • ‘Bowmansgreen’s Got Talent’ talent show has show-cased our most able musicians, singers and dancers by enabling them to perform on satge in front of a large audience.


We will continue to look for ways to engage and challenge our most able pupils.




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