This Week’s Celebrations

Author of the week
2C: Niamh and 3RW: Isabella

Reader of the week
EYFS: Lainie-Grace and 6C: Tanzim

Mathematician of the week
1O: Lydia and 5W: Youssef


Best Attendance
KS1: 2C and KS2: 6C

This Week’s Celebrations

Author of the week
1CW: Aayan and 4H: Emily

Reader of the week
2C: Zoha and 5S: Filip

Mathematician of the week
EYFS: Emilio and 6C: Lucy


Star of Kindness

4H: Izzy chosen by Mr Wilson


Ms Scoot for Effort

2C: Hector chosen by Mrs Pattenden


Best Attendance
KS1: EYFS-NM and KS2: 5W

Brass Instrument Lessons

Max Bronstein, a trumpet player and music teacher, will be offering an amazing opportunity for children from Years 2 – 6 to have 1:1 brass instrument lessons during the school day. Lessons will begin at the commencement of the Summer Term.

Children can sign up to learn: trumpet, trombone, french horn or tenor horn.
There will be 10 lessons for each pupil, per term.
Lessons will be scheduled on a rotational basis, so that pupils are not leaving the same lesson week in, week out.
Prior to each term starting, a schedule of each pupil’s lessons will be sent to parents so that they are informed of when lessons are taking place and this will also remind pupils to bring to school their instrument/music on the day of the lesson.
Parents will be billed directly by Mr. Bronstein and payments will need to be made in advance of the term commencing. Bowmansgreen will subsidise lessons for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium.
If a pupil is not in school and misses a lesson for one reason or another, the lesson fee for that particular lesson will carry over to the next batch of lessons the following term, or the fee will be refunded at the end of term, if the pupil would like to stop having lessons.

Please contact Mr. Bronstein directly to enrol your child for music lessons, have questions over lesson fees or if you have any other queries about the lessons:
Mob: 07961 760388 or Email:


Statement for parents and carers

As you will be aware, there has been a lot of information in the news about returning trips to Italy over half term in light of the recent measures put in place by the Italian Authorities on Coronavirus.  

We would like to assure you that there is no cause for concern, none of the school trips run by Hertfordshire schools were within the ten towns which the Italian Authorities have put on quarantine measures and Hertfordshire residents remain at low risk.

If you have returned from the quarantines towns and develop flu like symptoms, please stay at home, avoid contact with other people and call NHS111.


Taking basic hygiene precautions remains the best way to reduce the chances of spreading any virus: sneeze or cough into a tissue, bin it, wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face unless you’ve just washed your hands.  Using a normal detergent to clean the surfaces people touch regularly like door handles and lift buttons is also sensible.


Please visit for the most up to date advice.