Pupils have started their first full week at Bowmansgreen with enthusiasm. They are becoming more confident and familiar with the school rules, routines and expectations and looking after their classroom environment and equipment.

Lunchtimes are going well, with pupils showing good manners at the dining table, trying new foods and enjoying the social time with their friends.


Start of Term

Key changes and information about the start of the new school year – parent/carer letter


New EYFS/Reception families – first week of school:

Monday 5th September 2022Day 1: 9.15am – 11.30am
Tuesday 6th September 2022Day 2: 9.15am – 11.30am
Wednesday 7th September 2022Day 3: 8.35am – 1.30pm. Children have lunch at school.
Thursday 8th September 2022Day 4: 8.35am – 1.30pm. Children have lunch at school.
Friday 9th September 2022Day 5: 8.35am – 3.00pm
From Friday 9th 2022, all pupils attend a full school day, unless agreed with class teachers.

We are trialling an 8.30am start from Monday 5th September – reception pupils are welcome to arrive at this time, during their first week. Your child will not be late if they arrive at 8.35am.

EYFS Update

We are looking forward to meeting you all in person this week and for your child to begin their journey with us at Bowmansgreen.
We are excited to announce some new members of staff who have joined our EYFS team. Mrs Neo (Early Years Lead) and Mrs Walker (Teaching Assistant) will join Miss Connolly, Miss Kay and Mrs Akbolat, to give your child a great start to their first year at school.
The EYFS classroom is ready to excite and motivate your child and we are sure that they will have a smooth and positive transition to Bowmansgreen.
Please be reminded that as well as the second Stay and Play session (Friday 9.45am – 11.45am), our Parent and Carer Welcome Meeting will take place this Friday, 10.30am – 11.30am. Settle your child in the EYFS classroom and then we will direct you to the school hall, where you will meet key adults who will be involved in your child’s school life at Bowmansgreen.
Stay and Play sessions – please read the message below that has also been sent via Schoolcomms.

When you arrive at school, please buzz the green pedestrian gate at the front of the school and you will be let in. Once on site, follow the path round to the right, onto the playground, where members of staff will greet you.

Due to a recent change in government guidance regarding the full opening of schools, we would like to encourage parents to wear face coverings tomorrow and Friday, during the Play and Stay sessions. Children are now more used to seeing adults wearing face coverings in society and as we will have a high number of children, staff and parents in the same classroom, we would like to take this protective measure, to support the health and safety of all parties. We appreciate that not everyone is able to wear face coverings, for a range of reasons.

We have a supply of single use masks available for you, if you do not have your own face covering.

Thank you for your support.