The Bowmansgreen EYFS Curriculum is at the heart of our learning journey approach. It is distinctive, innovative and strategically planned and reviewed in the light of national developments, new thinking, research and development.

Our curriculum:
• introduces challenging, engaging and real life problems
• strives to encourage and develop a love of learning
• lets learning happen, within a child centred approach
• provides challenges for all level of learners
• ensures resources and equipment are available to support learning at every stage of development, in every area of the EYFS curriculum
• ensures all areas of learning are regarded with the same level of importance and are interlinked in learning
• includes fundamental British values to teach children a sense of self and belonging, enabling them to learn and stay true to the values that make people good citizens
• ensures that children learn to live together peacefully, with each of them playing a valuable role in the diverse, multi-cultural world in which they live
• includes daily phonics, following Letters and Sounds, with elements of Jolly Phonics and Supersonic Phonics.

Remote Learning 

The Nativity Christmas Story Powerpoint

Nativity Stick Puppets

Nativity Sequencing

Nativity Topic Words

Fine Motor Challenge Cards

EYFS Maths Autumn 2 Week 4

EYFS English Autumn 2 Week 4

EYFS Maths Autumn 2 Week 3

EYFS English Autumn 2 Week 3

EYFS Phonics Phase 2

EYFS Phonics Phase 2

EYFS Phonics Phase 2 Revision

EYFS Phonics Phase 1

EYFS Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Challenge Cards

Phonics – prompt sheet for parents and carers

EYFS Common Next Steps exemplification

Early Learning Goals and Exceeding Statements – Prime Areas

Early Learning Goals and Exceeding Statements – Specific Areas

Next Steps exemplification – letter formation

Stages of pencil grip

Writing resource – letter mat

2D shape resource

3D shape resource

EYFS Phonics practice flash cards game

EYFS Phonics practice Dragons Den game 

EYFS Phonics practice Metal Mike robot game

EYFS Phonics phoneme splat game

EYFS Phonics tricky word splat game

EYFS Phonics snowball game 

EYFS Phonics practice sound race game

EYFS Hundred square