Our School

Ms Anna lippaWelcome to Bowmansgreen Primary School website, and thank you for your interest in our school. I hope this website will answer many of your questions about who we are and what we do, but please remember that there is no substitute for a visit. I invite you to come and meet our staff and children, and experience for yourselves the warmth of a Bowmansgreen welcome. I remember vividly my first impressions of the school and trust that you too will be enchanted by the vitality and energy of the school and its pupils. 
Bowmansgreen is committed to providing a high quality education for all of our pupils. We seek to provide a happy, caring and challenging environment where children recognise and achieve their full potential, developing a love for learning in an ever-changing world. This is indeed a school where Every Child Matters and this is reflected in the school’s commitment to inclusive education.  My staff and I value each and every one of our pupils as individuals and our aim is to ensure that coming to school is a positive experience for all of them; we understand that children learn best when they are happy and feel secure.
The school’s caring ethos is at the heart of all we do.  We seek to nurture the ‘whole child’ for the time they are entrusted to us.  Alongside academic progress, it is equally important to us that the children are given opportunities to develop their social skills, self-esteem and independence. 
As a primary school, we have the responsibility of laying the foundations for life-long learning.  Watching the children’s progress through the school and seeing them leave ready for the next stage of their academic career is a privilege.  My goal is to make sure that all children receive the greatest possible benefit from their time at Bowmansgreen and that they achieve their full potential, recognising and celebrating their own achievements and aspirations as well as those of others.
A supportive home environment is vital to the education of our pupils and we endeavour to build a strong partnership with all parents and carers.  If you choose to send your child to Bowmansgreen Primary School, I hope you will feel a part of our school ‘family’ and appreciate the many and varied opportunities and activities we have to offer.
If you would like to visit the school or discuss any issues with me, please do not hesitate to telephone for an appointment.
Headteacher – Ms Anna Lippa