School Meals

HCL Menu Choices Information Sheet

HCL Menu 02/11/20 – 22/03/21

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Packed Lunches

Pupils who prefer to bring packed lunches from home are expected to bring healthy, nutritious meals. We appreciate that some children can be particular and sensitive about what they eat but we will always encourage healthy, balanced meals with a high nutritional value. Pupils are not encouraged to bring lunches that are high in fat, refined sugar or salt and we will always share, with parents and carers, any concerns we have about the nutritional value, ingredients and item choices of your child’s packed lunch. We are a nut-free school, as we have a number of staff and pupils with nut allergies. Please do not include any items containing nuts as part of your child’s lunch, including chocolate spreads that are made with nuts.

The Eatwell Guide – NHS

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Healthy Snacks

Pupils may bring a healthy snack into school to eat at break time. Fresh fruit or vegetables are preferred but other small, nut-free, healthy snacks that are low in refined sugar, fat and salt are also recommended. Pupils will not be allowed to eat snacks at school that are high in refined sugar or fat and we will alert parents and carers if we have concerns about the nutritional value or ingredients of snacks.

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Healthy lunches and snacks