Health and Wellbeing

At Bowmansgreen we aim to support the whole child with their learning and development, including their physical and mental health and wellbeing. On this page, you will find resources and activities to support families which you might find useful, especially at this unprecedented time.

We have an inclusive, whole school model and approach to teaching, promoting and managing behaviour and conduct that are based on shared expectations and common values which
reflect and best support our diverse school community. Our approach to teaching and managing behaviour is based on the recognition and understanding that behaviour has meaning. 

Children need certainty in adult behaviour. At Bowmansgreen, we strive to create a culture of certainty and consistency, where all pupils feel secure, safe and confident of the rules, values, boundaries and expectations. Staff use scripts to help achieve consistency in their language and approach and to help staff know what to say in the heat of the moment or when faced with a challenging situation, to help them remain calm, in control and avoid conflict. 

Families might also find these scripts useful to help resolve disagreements and to manage challenging behaviours at home. This term, we are focusing on the following scripts: 

Proximal praise (and positive reinforcement)

  • Look at (name) sitting sensibly
  • (Names) are showing us how to line up
  • (Name) thank you for listening
  • (Name) thank you, you are sitting quietly you may go

 Give limited choices

  • (Name) you can choose, work sensibly now or at playtime
  • (Name) sit quietly or go to the time out chair
  • (Name) choose this seat or this seat/ this sticker or this sticker
  • (Name) you choose, work with the group or by yourself
  • (Name) either work at this table or that one
  • (Name) choose a partner or I will choose for you
  • (Name) you choose, put the toy in your pocket or in you tray

Acknowledge feelings

  • (Name) I can see you are cross
  • (Name) I think you look a bit worried
  • (Name) I know you are having fun with your friends but …
  • (Name) I can see you are finding this difficult
  • (Name) it looks like you are bored/tired/cross/fed up with this but …


Congratulations to Amelia, Hollie, Maddison and Issa, the overall winners of our House Competition, in support of Children’s Mental Health Week. See their fantastic winning entries, based on the theme of ‘Express Yourself.’

Maddison wins for House Whitlock  

Amelia wins for House Wiggs  

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