At Bowmansgreen we use FFT Success for All Phonics – a Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) teaching programme. It meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum and the EYFS framework and has been validated by the Department for Education.

The Scope and Sequence document provides a weekly overview of the programme, highlighting its alignment to Letters and Sounds (2007).

To support pupils in learning how to decode words, in Reception and KS1, all pupils will take part in daily FFT Success for All Phonics lessons. Each day, in their phonics lesson, pupils spend time revisiting previously taught phonemes and graphemes to ensure they consolidate their prior learning.

They are then introduced to new content, such as new phonemes and graphemes, through teacher led activities designed to help them orally blend, segment and read words and then sentences.

Each pupil also learns the alphabet and how to write letters in upper and lower case before beginning to write simple words and then sentences.

To complement their phonics lesson, each pupil in Reception and KS1 also has a daily ‘Shared Reader Lesson.’ During this lesson, pupils will have a phonetically decodable book which is exactly matched to their current phonics learning. In this lesson, your child will also discuss the text and develop their comprehension skills.

Reception Phonics Meeting