Headteacher: Ms A. Lippa
Deputy Headteacher: Ms C. Golding

Senior Leadership Team

School Business Manager: Mrs R. Robertson

Maths Lead: Miss B. Chilton
Early Years Lead:
Miss N. Minardi
Student and NQT Mentor:
Mr J. Wilson

Year 6 Teachers

Mr M. Gowler
Miss B. Chilton
Miss F. Allen

Teaching Assistants
Miss S. Rawlings
Mrs V. De’Ath

Year 5 Teachers

Mr J. Wilson
Ms C. Smith

Teaching Assistants
Mrs M. Neville
Mrs K. Minaoui

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs R. Dill
Miss T. Pattenden
Miss L. Hancock

Teaching Assistants
Mrs J. Crooks (Computing Technician)
Mrs S. Stanley

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs T. Clark
Miss W. Robbins
Mrs J. Wood

Teaching Assistants
Mrs H. Goldie
Mrs D. Pratchett

Year 2 Teachers

Miss H. Connolly
Mr M.  Harnden
Miss C. Hicks

Teaching Assistants
Ms J. Franks
Mrs C. Newman

Year 1 Teachers

Miss E. Ottley
Miss L. O’Sullivan
Mrs C. Walter

Teaching Assistants
Mrs D. Clayworth

Reception Teachers

Miss E. Kay
Miss N. Minardi

Teaching Assistants
Mrs E. Akbolat

Sports Coach
Mr N. Sanders

Music Teachers
Mrs H. Street

Inclusion TAs
Mrs S. Enus
Mrs S. Stanley (Forest School and Family Support)
Mrs K. Spindler (Medical and Speech & Language Support)

Breakfast Club Manager
Mrs S. Stanley

P.A. to Head and Receptionist 
Mrs T. Clark

HR/Data Manager
Mrs K. Ameneyro

Resources/ Finance Assistant  
Mrs C. Rea
Mr M. F. Rushforth

Premises and Cleaning    
Mrs K. Pitcher

Midday Supervisory Assistants 
Mrs S. Enus
Mrs M. Webster

Breakfast Club Assistants
Ms S. Ahmed
Ms J. Franks
Mrs K. Pitcher
Mrs V. De’Ath
Ms U. Rupali