Music curriculum overview

Mr. Bronstein, our music lead, offers instrumental lessons to students who wish to take up: piano, trumpet, violin, ukulele or recorder.Please contact the school office to register your interest. For more information or see details below.  *   Children from years 1 to 6 are eligible to have individual musical instrument lessons during the school day.  *   There will be 10 lessons for each pupil, per term.  *   Lessons will be scheduled on a rotational basis, so that pupils are not leaving the same lesson week in, week out.  *   Prior to each term starting, a schedule of each pupil’s lessons will be sent to parents so that they are informed of when lessons are taking place and this will also remind pupils to bring to school their instrument/music on the day of the lesson.  *   Parents will be billed directly by Mr. Bronstein and payments will need to be made in advance of the term or month commencing.Bowmansgreen will subsidise lessons for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium.