Bowmansgreen is lucky enough to have two music teachers who teach music to all pupils across the school, Mr Bronstein and Mrs Street.

If you would like your child to take part in private music lessons, both Mrs Street and Mr Bronstein are continuing to teach via face-to-face and remote video lessons. Please contact the school office for more information or see details at the bottom of this page.

During the partial school closure, we don’t want pupils to miss out on listening to, learning about and making music. Watch and have a listen to the resources below.

Music Assemblies

February 22nd – Cat in the Hat

February 10th – Echo Drawings

February 3rd – Music assembly

Modest Mussorgsky -Pictures at an Exhibition 

Orba Composition Sheet

January 21st – Music assembly

Jan 15th – Music Assembly

Music Lessons

Introduction to the music and instruments – ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner

‘Tuesday’ – Music narration 

Carnival of the Animals part 1
In the Carnival of the Animals the composer wanted the music to sound like each animal.  Part 1 includes the lion, chickens and very fast animals.  Watch the puppet show and compare the music to a lion roaring and chickens clucking and pecking.  What is the fastest animal you can think of and how fast did Usain Bolt run?

Year 4 Christmas Performance
Year Four were not able to do their usual Christmas Concert last year, so we recorded it instead.  Belated Happy Christmas!

Learning The Banana Boat song with Year One                 Year 4 Performing ‘Island in the Sun’
Island in the sun and The Banana boat song are both by Harry Belafonte, and we learnt about them in year one and year four last year.  You can learn the songs and sing along with Harry Belafonte and the year groups in these two films.

Moonlight Sonata – first movement                                       Moonlight Sonata – third movement
Beethoven composed The Moonlight Sonata in 1801.  You can learn about the first and last movement in these films, which include line riders, basketball, Alicia Keys, an electric guitar version and more!

The Guitar and The Lion King by Lizzie
Meet the musician episode 1.  In this film singer songwriter Lizzie Hardingham explains how a guitar works and performs Can you feel the love tonight from The Lion King.  Lizzie has performed at the Cambridge Folk Festival, on the radio numerous times, has won many competitions and is a rising star on the folk scene.

KS1 planning


Jack in the Box




KS2 Planning

Fragments – resource

Ten Pieces – BBC resources for KS2

Music Lessons with Mrs Street

Mrs Street teaches recorder, piano, violin and singing.  Pupils have opportunities to perform to their class and in concerts for parents/carers (when allowed).  Some students recently performed in Zoom Concerts and singing pupils completed a recording project, heard in the London Colney Christmas message.

Lessons take place most weeks during term time and can be taken remotely during lockdown if wanted.

If you would like further information, please contact Mrs Street by email on  Bowmansgreen School offers a subsidy for children in receipt of Pupil Premium.

Brass Instrument Lessons

Max Bronstein, a trumpet player and music teacher, will be offering an amazing opportunity for children from Years 2 – 6 to have 1:1 brass instrument lessons during the school day. Lessons will begin at the commencement of the Summer Term.

Children can sign up to learn: trumpet, trombone, french horn or tenor horn.
There will be 10 lessons for each pupil, per term.
Lessons will be scheduled on a rotational basis, so that pupils are not leaving the same lesson week in, week out.
Prior to each term starting, a schedule of each pupil’s lessons will be sent to parents so that they are informed of when lessons are taking place and this will also remind pupils to bring to school their instrument/music on the day of the lesson.
Parents will be billed directly by Mr. Bronstein and payments will need to be made in advance of the term commencing. Bowmansgreen will subsidise lessons for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium.
If a pupil is not in school and misses a lesson for one reason or another, the lesson fee for that particular lesson will carry over to the next batch of lessons the following term, or the fee will be refunded at the end of term, if the pupil would like to stop having lessons.

Please contact Mr. Bronstein directly to enrol your child for music lessons, have questions over lesson fees or if you have any other queries about the lessons:
Mob: 07961 760388 or Email: