Pupils at Bowmansgreen are expected to wear uniform at all times. The uniform is smart and provides a common identify, giving our pupils a sense of pride and belonging to the school community.

Bowmansgreen uniform details and information

Our Year 6 House Captains wear green blazers to reflect their roles and responsibilities and so that they can be easily identified by their peers.


Stikins name labels

We understand the importance of having your child’s name in their clothing, shoes, water bottles and lunchboxes, as they can often go walkabouts during the day! It is so much easier to be able to return belongings back to their rightful owner, when they are labelled.

FOBS have teamed up with Stikins to offer parents the opportunity to purchase labels for school uniform, whilst earning the school commission at the same time!  The labels simply stick onto the wash-care label of clothing. They can also be used in shoes, on bags, lunchboxes and on water bottles.  

Each order placed quoting the school reference number (36326will provide the school with much needed funds.

Click here to order Stikins name labels and raise money for Bowmansgreen Primary School.

Thank you for your support!