Morning Meetings

We are looking forward to seeing all those learning remotely this morning:  EYFS 9.30am     KS1 9am     KS2 8.45am

Invites have been sent via email with a link to Microsoft Teams.

Don’t panic if you have difficulty accessing the meeting today or if things don’t quite go according to plan. Let the office know and we will hopefully see you tomorrow.

Expect there to be glitches and technical difficulties – it is new for all of us and might take a couple of meetings before we get it right so please bear with us!



Remote Learning – update

This week, additional resources are available to support your family with remote learning. Please see below for how to access the resources on our school website.

From next Monday, all classes will again have daily maths and English video lessons. This week is a transition back to that format although some year groups have already provided those resources.

Your child’s new Home learning grid is now available. Grids will be updated every fortnight during the partial school closure.

We have updated the content on our phonics page which has resources for pupils of all ages. Phonics Play is one of the resources that we use to support the teaching of phonics at Bowmansgreen. It is currently free for families to use during Lockdown.      Log-in details.    Username: jan21    Password: home

We will be using Oxford Owl to support families teaching and learning reading at home. Families must register with Oxford Owl to access the free eBook library which provides access to a range of books, some of which can also be enjoyed as audio books.  We will shortly provide details of how families can log-in to the wider eBook library, which has more titles to choose from. More details can be found on our English page.

Take a look at our maths page to find games and activities to support your children learning maths. Here, you will also find links to the log-in pages for Numbots and Times Tables Rock Stars to support pupils practise mental calculations.

We are continuing to build curriculum content on our school website so that families can be supported with remote learning. We will update families when new resources are available.

We look forward to seeing you all this week, via the remote catch-up meetings. Please book an appointment if you have not already done so. Bookings close at 4pm today.

Daily morning meetings for your children will begin tomorrow. Later today, you will be sent the link for how your child will access these meetings.


Headteacher’s Blog

Read about our new remote learning expectations here.

EYFS families, please read this additional document which provides details and information specific to your children’s remote learning.

Next week, all families are invited to a ‘catch-up’ meeting with class teachers, as an opportunity to see how you all are, to discuss remote and face-to-face learning and any other support needed, during this difficult time. You will have received a text earlier today, with a link to the booking system which will be live until Monday afternoon. Please let the school office know if you have difficulty booking an appointment. During this meeting we will also ask whether families need resources and equipment to support remote learning, such as exercise books, pencils, pens etc.

On Tuesday, our morning meetings will start for all pupils learning remotely. Families will receive an invite and link to the meetings which will take place via Microsoft Teams. These daily meetings will take place as follows: KS2  8.45am    KS1  9am

From Monday 18th January, weekly feedback and discussion meetings will take place for all pupils. Again, families will receive invites and links to these meetings which will take place via Microsoft Teams. Pupils will meet with class staff in small groups so that peer discussion and interaction can also take place.

Although there will be planned opportunities for reading during the weekly English lessons, we are looking into how we can provide more opportunities to support pupils’ reading whilst at home. We no longer have access to the programme that we previously used and we are currently looking at alternatives. Please read and share stories and other reading material with your children as often as you can as it is a great way of broadening vocabulary and developing other language and communication skills. We are also looking at how we can offer families a regular, safe opportunity to change and borrow books when needed.

We are continuing to build curriculum content on our school website so that families have a bank of resources that they can refer to and re-visit when needed.

A questionnaire will be sent to families next week about access to technology, to gain information about when and how pupils are accessing remote learning, to see if we can support any families where this is a barrier to successful remote learning.

Follow this link for information about increasing data allowances on mobile devices. Please let us know if you think you are eligible and we will apply on your behalf.

Enjoy your weekend.



Headteacher’s Blog

Thank you for all of your recent comments and queries regarding our remote learning. As mentioned in Tuesday’s communication, we have been reviewing our remote learning policy and provision.

Since September, we have provided daily, remote learning for all pupils who were not able to attend school, including due to self-isolation. In the autumn term, anywhere between 5 – 20 families were self-isolating per day and our school attendance averaged 95% for the term. We amended the model and resources that we published for remote learning, reducing the number of videos and changing our planning format.

The situation has clearly changed! The new national Lockdown means that currently, around 80% of pupils at Bowmansgreen are learning at home. We reviewed our provision, anticipating a possible change in DfE policy and to better meet the needs of the majority of pupils who would again be learning remotely. We also sent home workbooks for pupils in Y2-Y6 so that additional resources were immediately accessible for pupils, in the event of further restrictions.

There have been lots of questions about and requests for live lessons – this will not be part of our provision, at this time.  Although there are many obvious benefits of live lessons, they do come with some restraints and added pressures for families who have, for example, several children needing to access live lessons at the same time; limited devices; and working parents and carers, some with hectic or anti-social shift patterns. We hope that recorded lessons provide a level of flexibility and will create a bank of resources that families can access via our website, when it fits in with family life. There will however be daily opportunities for remote face to face interaction with teachers, which will be explained in our policy.

Our updated Remote Learning Policy will be sent out to families tomorrow and published on our school website, detailing our provision from next week.


Headteacher’s Blog

Thank you for bearing with us over the last few days and putting up with frequent late night emails and texts. I will try and make this the last one for a while!

There have been lots of calls and emails asking about remote learning and school lunches. We will endeavour to respond to all individual requests that are not addressed below.

Bowmansgreen’s remote learning is published weekly on the school website, although additional resources may be added throughout the week to supplement some units of work or activities. It currently includes lesson and unit plans and weekly videos delivered by class teachers. Pupils also have individual log-ins for Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots (please let the office know if your child has forgotten their log-in) and workbooks to support reading comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) for KS2. Half-termly Home Learning grids are also published on the school website – new grids will be available this week.

Hard copies of some remote learning resources are available – please contact the school office for more information.  We are currently reviewing our remote learning provision, in light of the new national Lockdown and we will update parents with any changes.

We are awaiting updated information and guidance from the Department of Education about the provision of free school meals for eligible children who are learning remotely. Hertfordshire Catering Ltd will provide food parcels for eligible families in the interim, and hot meals for pupils attending school.

If you are a critical key worker, please let us know if you are intending to send your child into school. It is essential that we have this information before your child returns, to help us effectively prepare and organise resources.

Please be reminded that all parents, carers and visitors are asked to wear a face covering whilst on site. We appreciate your support in helping to protect our school community.

We really appreciate the very kind messages that families have been sending in, expressing their support and appreciation during this very difficult and unsettling time. Thank you.


Headteacher’s Blog

Earlier tonight, the Prime Minister announced that England will enter into a new national Lockdown from midnight tonight, with measures coming into law on Wednesday.

In light of this announcement, all classes will now move to remote learning for most pupils, from tomorrow.  Pupils in all classes, will now only be able to attend if they are part of a key worker family or vulnerable group.

A letter will follow shortly, providing more detail about arrangements and how they affect your child.