Pupils are taught to use concrete apparatus from EYFS, for instance, when they are introduced to number tracks and Numicon. Base 10 apparatus is used to support the calculation policy. All classes have core apparatus which children are expected to access independently. Apparatus is encouraged for the more able mathematicians to use flexibly and to demonstrate understanding of concepts across a range of resources.

All children in Years 1-6 have maths home learning books and tasks set weekly. Each week, 3 challenges are planned to ensure suitable tasks are set for all learners.

During lessons, mathematical concepts are modelled by teachers alongside appropriate apparatus where necessary. Expectations for recording are modelled to pupils to make them explicit. In EYFS and Key Stage 1, children are also encouraged to develop their own representations, to encourage mathematical thinking.

In EYFS, pupils’ own mathematical mark making through play, is encouraged and displayed to inspire others, through peer modelling.

Calculation Policy

Herts for Learning Calculation Policy 

Online resources

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