Pupils are taught to use concrete apparatus from EYFS, for instance, when they are introduced to number tracks and Numicon. Base 10 apparatus is used to support the calculation policy. All classes have core apparatus which children are expected to access independently. Apparatus is encouraged for the more able mathematicians to use flexibly and to demonstrate understanding of concepts across a range of resources.

At Bowmansgreen, we use the Herts for Learning Calculation Policy. 
To support the practice of mental calculation strategies, pupils in  KS1 use Numbots and pupils in KS2 use Times Tables Rock Stars. Every pupil has their own log-in. Please let the school office know if your child has forgotten their log-in details.
ITPs – interactive tools such as 100 grids, number lines, bead strings, rulers and protractors that can be manipulated online.


Maths Everywhere Resources – Herts for Learning Resources


Online resources

MyMaths log-in


BBC super movers – these are maths videos that promise to get children moving!



This website not only has links to full lessons but games to keep learning fun and clear guides to explain concepts to parents and children.


ITPs – interactive tools such as 100 grids, number lines, bead strings, rulers and protractors that can be manipulated online.


Herts for Learning: ESSENTIALmaths – a page with maths games to play at home.


MathsBot Manipulatives – maths equipment that is used in school that can be seen and manipulated on screen such as: dominoes, counting sticks, fraction walls, tens frames, Numicon and place value counters.



White Rose Maths is helping parents to support their children’s learning at home by publishing weekly maths lessons and providing access to online textbooks.