Welcome to Bowmansgreen’s Governing Body

As a school governor we are part of a corporate body known as the ‘Governing Body’, our role is to effectively run the school in partnership with the headteacher.

Our Governing Body has a vital role to play in ensuring every child receives the best possible education by driving up school and children’s performance .  Our Governing Body is the key strategic decision-making body of school and we set the school’s strategic framework. As the Governing Body we agree the strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school and sign off the policies, plans and targets in order to achieve them.  We check on progress and  regularly review the strategic framework for the school in the light of that progress.

The Governing Body leaves the running of the school to the headteacher, which is the only appointment we make. It is our role to support and strengthen the headteacher’s leadership and to hold him accountable for the performance of children and staff. This is particularly important in relation to the educational performance of the school.

As Governors we need to know our school.  We do this through visits to see the school in action, we check that the school is implementing the policies and improvement plans we sign off, and see for ourselves how the vision and plans for the school are working in practice.  While it is helpful to see classes at work, Governors are not inspectors and it is not our role to assess the quality or method of teaching.

All our Governors bring with them a range of different skills and experiences. Decisions are taken by the whole Governing Body, but to make the best use of everyone’s time and expertise, all Governors also join one of two committees. Committees work on particular aspects of school life and present their recommendations to the Governing Body for approval or discussion. These committees also meet in each half term, and are:


  • Behaviour and attendance
  • Curriculum and school improvement
  • Standards and achievement


  • Finance
  • Site
  • Personnel
  • Communication

Our Body consists of:

  • Parent Governors – elected from and by parents and carers of children in the school
  • Local Authority Governor – nominated by Hertfordshire County Council
  • Staff Governor – representative of teaching and support staff, who is elected by their colleagues.
  • Co-opted Governors – are appointed by the GB on the basis that they have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.
  • Associate Members – Associate members are not governors, and do not have a vote at full governing body meetings. However, they are entitled to attend those meetings and to be sent the papers for them. They have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. 
Name Responsibility Position Committee Term of Office 
Anna Lippa Headteacher Headteacher Resources & Effectiveness  01.09.16
James Braddy Co-opted Governor Effectiveness
Philip Clark  Chair of the Resources Committee; Vice-Chair of the Full Governing Body; Finance Link  Parent Governor  Resources  03.05.16 to 02.05.20
Mark Rushforth Staff Governor Resources 01.10.15 to 30.09.19
Karen Penn Chair of the FGB; Data, Monitoring & Assessment Link Co-opted Governor School Effectiveness; Resources and Finance 01.09.15 to 31.08.19
Colin Gentleman Governor Training Link Co-opted Governor Resources  07.12.16 to 06.09.20
 Linda Forbes  Curriculum Link  LEA Governor Effectiveness  28.04.16 to 27.04.20
Emily Warr Co-opted Governor  Resources  13.12.17 to 12.12.21
VACANCY Co-opted Governor
VACANCY Co-opted Governor
VACANCY Co-opted Governor
Clare Golding Associate Member Effectiveness 13.09.17 to 13.09.21
Lisa Cutmore Associate Member Effectiveness 28.04.16 to 27.04.20

Associate members have voting rights in the committee to which that person is appointed (as  determined by the governing body).

Within the previous 12 months the following individuals have served on the Governing Body:

Name Responsibility Position Committee Term of Office 
Paul Rosen Personal Development and Behaviour Co-opted Governor Resources 19.07.17 to 18.07.21
Marianne Pope Chair of the School Effectiveness Committee; Vice-Chair of the FGB; Health & Safety Link Co-opted Governor Effectiveness 12.06.14 to 11.06.18
Abigail Bude Safeguarding Link Parent Governor Effectiveness 01.09.14 to 31.08.18
Stephen Pearl Curriculum Link Co-opted Governor Effectiveness 11.06.14 to 10.06.18
Louise Calder Chair of Governors Co-opted Governor Resources & Effectiveness 01.09.15 to 31.08.19
Lianne Howarth-Stanley Health and Safety Co-opted Governor Resources 01.09.14 to 07.12.16

Relevant Business Interests

As a Governing Body we are required to declare any relevant business interests including any other governor roles at other educational settings and any relationships between governors and members of the school staff. These are as follows:

Mr Philip Clark:

Spouse of Mrs Tracey Clark (Receptionist and Head’s P.A.)

All other Governors: no declared interests

Meeting attendances 2017 / 2018

Our register of attendance is below:

Full Governing Body and Committees Attendance Record 2017-2018 V5

Full Governing Body and Committees Attendance Record 2016-2017

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Meeting Dates for 2017 / 2018

Full Governing Body Meeting Dates

13th September 2017
11th October 2017
13th December 2017
6th February 2018
26th March 2018
16th May 2018
18th July 2018

School Effectiveness Committee Meeting Dates

27th September 2017
22nd Novermber 2017
17th January 2018
14th March 2018
13th June 2018

Resources and Finance Committee Meeting Dates

27th September 2017
22nd Novermber 2017
17th January 2018
14th March 2018
2nd May 2018
13th June 2018