Airbus Adventure

Class 2TC thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Airbus STEM Centre in Stevenage last week where they learned all sorts of exciting things about sound, movement, electricity and our solar system. Throughout the day, children asked well-considered questions, made sensible predictions and gave explanations that impressed all the adults.
The children made three whistles each and used them to test how various types of paper vibrated causing different sounds.
One of the Airbus engineers told the class about Mars and many interesting details about how the Exo-Mars Rover has been designed to do specific things on and below the surface of the red planet. It was amazing seeing Brian (a prototype) in the sandy training yard being worked on by another engineer. Did you know that the actual robot, which will be sent to Mars in a few months’ time, is being built at this moment?
To explain three of Newton’s Laws of Motion, Shell (our Science teacher for the day) demonstrated some “cool stuff” including exploding tubes and flying balloons.
The children also spent time in the hands-on activity zone discovering various science concepts through play: including some mysterious ways of hearing sounds; feeling dizzy on the centrifuge spinner; controlling a robotic arm; using each other to make electrical circuits to power a fan and light a bulb; the shocking experience of the plasma ball – to name just a few.
All pupils, teachers and teaching assistants in years 2 through to 6 get to visit Airbus this year and benefit from the practical activities and investigations to help deepen their Science learning. Mr Harnden is really pleased with the success of the trips he has taken so far this year and is looking forward to those still to come.
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