Early Years News from Miss Robbins – 26.01.18

This week
We have completed our work on Space. We started our week with the ‘Space to Earth’ workshops which involved the children running and pedalling static bikes. They had great fun and put in a tremendous effort. We have read the story ‘Q Pootle 5’ by Nick Butterworth focusing on the characters and setting and using wow words to describe the movement and sounds of a spaceship. In maths we learnt about adding and breaking up numbers into different groups eg – 5 into groups of 2 and 3, 1 and 4 etc. We’ve made planets using papier-mâché.
Next week
For the next two weeks we will be learning about being healthy. We will be reading the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Vivian French. We will be looking at different vegetables and using descriptive words to talk about them. We may taste some too! In maths we will be learning about different types of patterns…tessellating, repeating, symmetrical, using all sorts of materials and objects to make them.
P.E .
As the children are now changing for P.E. at school please bring their bags in Monday morning and leave them at school for the week. There may be other days during the week when we need to use their kits.
Celebration Assembly
We are now attending celebration assembly every Friday at 9am. All parents are welcome to attend each week. If your child is awarded a cockerel card they will be given this in assembly and you will receive a text to let you know so that you can try to attend that week. Each class teacher also gives a ‘special mention’ in this assembly to one child from their class that has done something fantastic that week. This is decided by the teacher on Friday, before assembly, so unfortunately we are unable to let you know if they are going to receive this certificate.
Reading Registration
We currently hold 2 reading mornings each week on Tuesday and Friday. It has been lovely having so many parents stay to do this and share the enjoyment of reading. We are now going to change the Tuesday session to a ‘Maths games registration’ and instead of books we will put out a variety of fun maths games/activities to do with the children. If you can stay to play with the children it would be great. The timing will stay the same. Thursday will still be ‘Reading Registration’.