Early Years News from Miss Robbins 9.02.18

This Week
We have been learning about different fruits. We have read the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and designed our own fruit salads using the ipads. We tasted different fruits and cut them up to put in a fruit salad. We have learnt different ways we can sort, group and categorise and how we can record this simply. Thank you for staying to do maths activities on Tuesday morning. We hope the cards help to explain the game/activity but if you’re unsure please ask. It was lovely to see you at the curriculum evening yesterday and we hope you enjoyed sharing your children’s work on pattern.
After Half Term
We will continue learning about how to keep healthy with more of a focus on exercise and hygiene. We will be using the text Mrs Mopple’s Washing Line. We will also be looking at non-fiction and writing captions and labels on posters and signs about keeping healthy. We will be using a washing line to add, subtract, pair, and count in 2’s/5’s.
Well Being
As part of the children’s well-being it is important that we have clean toilets for every child to use. We have noticed that some children are having trouble aiming and therefore making the toilet very messy for the next child. We do regularly check the toilets and clean any mess but if you know your child is struggling please speak to us so we can offer our advice and support.
Thank you for the donations you have brought in this week. This has really inspired the children and they have used them to create some great work. Please keep collecting! We would also be grateful for any donations of unused diaries, notebooks or post-it notes and if you are throwing out coloured stones/pebbles, the sort you have in vases or decorations we would love them too.
Have a great half term but don’t forget to keep reading (5 times a week) and practising the phonics cards.