FOBS – Cauliflower Cards

Your child/ren have once again got the opportunity to design their own greetings cards. This could be for Christmas, Eid, New Year or any other occasion. If you would like to order your design as a card (or gift tag) Bowmansgreen School will receive £1 for each pack of cards ordered. We know that in the past children, parents and carers have enjoyed having a unique card that they can send to family / friends.
Please follow the steps below if you would like to order your child’s design as a card:
1) Design the picture on paper and attach with glue to the attached form.
2) Complete the attached paperwork (steps 1-4) detailing what you would like to order.
3) Return the completed form to school by Tuesday 31st October, with full payment by cheque (made payable to Bowmansgreen School) or in cash (correct payment only – no change will be given).