Headteacher’s Blog

Pupils returned to school yesterday, happy to see their friends and eager to learn. It is lovely to have them back after the Christmas break, ready for the term ahead.

We have welcomed several new families to our Bowmansgreen school community this week – five classes have been busy helping their new friends to settle in, get to know their classmates and new learning environment.

Next week, classes will begin their spring term timetables which might mean a change of PE day for some classes. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit at school every day so that they can take part in all physical games and activities.

The Eco-Committee and 3RG were very busy last half-term, planting spring bulbs and thirty saplings ready to transfer into the school grounds this term. They also made bird feeders, for the winter. The litter and composting team have been doing a brilliant job too! Mrs Gritz would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part and to the families who have donated items.

During this morning’s assembly, we celebrated the hard-working members of the Eco-Committee. Mrs Gritz presented members with their new badges and talked about the important work that they have been doing, to help make our school environment less wasteful and more sustainable.  Thank you, Eco-Committee.

At the end of last term, I met with school councillors Cassi, Zachary and Rhema, to discuss ideas and suggestions about how to make improvements to our school curriculum and provision.  I was very impressed by how thoughtful and articulate all three pupils were and by their passion and enthusiasm for representing the voice of pupils across the school.

Daisy Cooper, MP for St Albans, will be visiting Bowmansgreen on Friday January 14th, to meet with our school council. This will be a great experience for our school councillors and an opportunity to gain insight into the role and responsibilities of a serving Member of Parliament.

We therefore thought it best for pupils and staff to have ‘un-crazy’ hair on the day of Daisy Cooper’s visit…. so Crazy Hair Day will now take place on Friday January 21st, instead!

Enjoy your weekend.