Headteacher’s Blog

We are aware that the end of day pick-up on the Key Stage 1 playground is currently stressful – for staff and families! We have re-marked the playground with year group zones so that families know where they can meet their child each day. From tomorrow, we will also include a painted boundary line which we would like families to wait behind until their child is handed over to them. That way, there is a defined area that staff can wait with pupils, until their adults arrive.

Thank you for responding and adapting well to the new parking restrictions. The junction at the front of school is much clearer and calmer and has made a significant difference to the school drop-off and pick-up.  There are still a few cars, without blue badges, taking a chance and parking on the lines. We would encourage all drivers to respect and adhere to the restrictions that are intended to help keep our school community safe.