Headteacher’s Blog

Last week was national Anti-Bullying Week. Odd Socks Day kicked off the week, with pupils and staff wearing odd socks day to highlight and celebrate what makes us all unique. Assemblies, lessons and activities throughout the week provided opportunities for pupils to learn, discuss and share their knowledge and experiences. The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘reach out,’ focusing on empowering pupils to be aware and proactive in identifying and countering bullying and the harm and hurt that it causes. Although our focus is on anti-bullying all year round, Anti-Bullying Week reminds everyone (at home, school, in the community or online) to reach out and show each other support.

The Bowmansgreen Friendship Coaches are back! Our trained Year 6 peer mediators are available every break and lunchtime to help pupils across the school when they have fall-outs or need some advice and support with friendships struggles.  They are a valuable, successful and well used support. Thank you to the pupils who have taken on this responsibility. They will soon be passing on their skills and experience, helping to train pupils in year 5.

Strings Music Making Day, 22nd November 2022 at St Albans Music School – there are a few places left. All primary aged strings players are welcome to attend, from beginners upwards. This event takes place during the school day so if your child attends, please let the school office know so that we can authorise their absence. Venue: St Albans Music School, based at Townsend School, High Oaks, St Albans AL3 6DR. To join, please visit

Please ensure that your child’s school drinks bottle contains water only. This is the only drink that your child is allowed to drink throughout the school day. If another liquid is identified in the bottle, staff will ask your child to tip it away and re-fill it with water. At lunchtime, pupils can have squash, juice or a milk-based drink as part of their packed lunch but this must be drunk in the dining hall, with their lunch. Energy drinks or fizzy drinks are not permitted at any time, during the school day.

On Thursday, the Chancellor announced his Autumn Statement which included some positive news relating to school funding over the next two years. As I am sure you are aware, there is a school funding crisis and all schools, like many public sectors and services, continue to face significant, financial pressures and challenges. Whilst we wait to find out the details of this funding and likely impact, school leaders and governors at Bowmansgreen will continue to make careful decisions regarding current budget pressures, in the best interests of your child, to ensure that they receive the best possible support and education whilst they are at Bowmansgreen.

Please could we remind families not to let children play on the equipment at the beginning or end of the school day – staff are not available to supervise the play and use of the equipment at these times, as is required.

It is great to see so many pupils riding or scootering to and from school – good exercise and for the environment! Please ensure that your child walks their bike or scooter onto and off the school site and to the bike/scooter shelters. It is very busy on the playground at both the drop-off and pick-up and we ask that pupils do not ride around on the paths or playgrounds or block the gates at this time.

The last few weeks have been an exciting and very busy time for sports fans, with several world cups to follow and enjoy, including women’s rugby, men’s T20 cricket and wheelchair rugby league. The Fifa World Cup 2022 tournament kicks off tomorrow. Whilst we will follow and support the football and progress of the men’s team, we will not be allowing pupils to watch matches during the school day. We will also use this opportunity to promote the power of sport and nurture and reinforce the values of fair play, sportsmanship and mutual respect.