Headteacher’s Blog

It has been a very busy few weeks at Bowmansgreen!

Last Friday, FOBS held a Mothers’ Day sale. Pupils excitedly browsed and selected their gifts – leaving the tables almost completely bare! Thank you to FOBS for organising this successful event, helping to raise much needed funds for our school. We hope that your Mothers’ Day was made even more special by the extra little surprise you may have received!

Pupils who eat school meals have been enjoying taking part in this year’s Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign which aims to encourage children to eat more vegetables. Pupils have had fun trying something new; increasing the number of portions they eat throughout the week; and being surprised to find out about the vegetables hiding inside some of the very tasty desserts!

If your child is entitled to free school meals (either because they are in EYFS or KS1 or they are eligible due to family, income-related benefits) I would encourage you to take up the offer. You can choose for your child to eat school meals as regularly or infrequently as you would like – some children prefer to switch between packed lunch and school dinners throughout the week. If your family is eligible, choosing free school meals for your child makes sense financially and ensures that your child receives a nutritious meal, daily.

The cost of living crisis is affecting us all, including in terms of rising food prices. Regrettably, as a direct result of these and other rising costs, the price of school meals will go up after Easter – you will receive a letter on Monday detailing the increase. As above, if you think that your child is eligible for free school meals or you have not yet taken up their entitlement, please check online or ask at the school office.

Since the last blog, we have held two curriculum evenings, focusing on the subjects of English and science. As always, it is lovely to welcome families into school and share aspects of the curriculum with you. Pupils are always so proud to show you their learning and it is an important experience and skill for them, to discuss and explain what they have been busy learning at school. Thank you to Mrs Campbell and Miss Allen for organising these two events. Our next curriculum evening takes place on 13th July.

Please be reminded to adhere to the parking restrictions around school. The restrictions were long fought for to help ensure the safety of our school community and local residents. We expect an increased volume of school traffic during inclement weather but there have been several days recently where the parking has been inconsiderate and dangerous for our families and neighbours. The restrictions have made a significant difference to the flow of traffic and safety of drivers, pedestrians and residents which we cannot afford to compromise.

Families with blue parking badges have been able to use the disabled parking spaces within the staff car park. The significant rise in the number of families with blue badges, however, means that we can no longer safely accommodate the number of cars, with the badges, into the car park alongside staff vehicles – there are often too many cars for the number of spaces available which has created a few dangerous obstructions and very stressful situations. The situation was not sustainable before our building work began and it has since intensified. We are carrying out a review and risk assessment to ascertain the level of need for these spaces and decide upon a criteria and conditions for the use of these spaces by families and visitors. Moving forward and as part of the risk assessment, if both disabled parking spaces are in use, families with blue badges will be informed of this at the gate and asked to park out on the road. This decision is to help ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians and to minimise dangerous obstructions and manoeuvres on-site. Blue badge holders are able to park on both single and double yellow lines. Details of this review and risk assessment, to follow.

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan began on Wednesday. Every year, some of our older pupils fast during Ramadan – sometimes for part or all of this time. If your child chooses to fast, please let the school office know so that we are aware and can be mindful and accommodating of their decision, especially in terms of lunchtime and physical activities.

Some very happy news to share…. Congratulations to Mrs Davis who is now a very proud mummy to her baby son. Both mother and baby have been doing well and we look forward to seeing them both soon.

Please be reminded that Monday 8th May, 2023 will be a national bank holiday, in celebration of the Coronation of King Charles lll. We will be holding our own celebration event on Friday 5th May, with families welcome from 2pm. More details to follow.

Enjoy your weekend.