Headteacher’s Message – 23.02.18

Welcome back!
This morning’s celebration assembly saw the first Author and Reader of the week trophies handed to Amelia, Ruby, Ava and Harry. These will be presented on a weekly basis and pupils are able to take their hard-earned trophies home for the weekend, returning them to school by the following Tuesday. From next week, there will also be a mathematician from each Key Stage recognised for their effort, achievement or success in maths.
Please be reminded that pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones into school. We appreciate that an increasing number of pupils in Key Stage 2 have phones but they can present additional challenges for staff in terms of safeguarding, monitoring their usage and keeping them secure. If your child is an independent traveller in Y5 or Y6, and you would like them to walk to and from school with their phone, please notify the school of this, in writing. Your child will then be expected to present their phone to the school office each morning and it will be locked away safely. It is then your child’s responsibility to collect their phone from the office, at the end of the school day. We hope that you understand and appreciate the need to be very firm about this rule.
This year, World Book Day takes place on Thursday 1st March. All pupils are invited to dress up as a book character to help promote and celebrate books and reading for this national event. On Monday, the author Paul Strickland is visiting Bowmansgreen as part of the world Book Day celebrations. He will lead an assembly workshop for all pupils before working with pupils in KS1 throughout the morning.
Our first ‘book swap’ event will take place on Friday 16th March, in the school hall. Pupils will have the opportunity to swap books with each other from 2.45pm, supervised by staff. If you would like to accompany your child and browse the books available to be swapped, please collect them at the end of the day, as usual, from their classroom door and walk them round to the main entrance where you will be met and directed into the hall. The hall will remain available for this event until 3.30pm.
Thank you to all parents who have offered their time and expertise during next month’s Careers Week. We are very excited at the range of jobs and professions that the children will be learning about and all classes will have workshops and special visitors. If you would like to be involved and can spare any time (Mon 5th – Fri 9th March), it’s not too late to sign up! Please let the office know if you are able to help support and be involved.
Enjoy your weekend.