Headteacher’s Message – 29.03.18

You might be aware of a number of cases of Scarlet fever, both locally and nationally, including at Bowmansgreen. We are directing parents to advice from NHS Direct regarding how long children should be away from school if they to fall ill. Please use the link below for more information (
FOBS have been busy raising money for the school throughout the year and I am very excited to announce that they have enabled us to purchase some fantastic new play equipment for the KS1 playground. Pupils will be very excited when they return after Easter and see how fantastic it is and they will make very good use of the equipment. Thank you to the parents, children and staff who have continued to support the FOBS events – your children directly benefit from the money that is raised.
On behalf of all staff, parents and pupils, I would like to thank Sam Gentleman for all of her hard work and enthusiasm as the Chair of the FOBS committee. She has worked tirelessly to increase parental involvement and support for FOBS over the last few years.  She is now handing over the baton to Annabel Zatko who will take over as Chair next term. Please see the calendar dates for upcoming events in the summer term.
There are several staff goodbyes to say this term. Mrs Ingham will not be returning to Bowmansgreen after her maternity leave. Miss May, Mrs Andiyapan and Mr Spooner have also left us this term. I know you will join me in wishing them all well and the very best of luck for the future. They will all be missed and we hope that they will keep in touch and visit us soon.
Enjoy a lovely Easter. See you in April!