House Competition – speed stacking

Pupils in Key Stage Two took part in a speed stacking competition, as their first House event of the school year.

Congratulations to Hadley who was a double class and year group winner and the overall competition winner.

Well done to all pupils who took part, gave it their best efforts and had great fun!

Thank your to Mr Sanders and our sports ambassadors, who organised and ran the event.


Class winners – 10 house points for each win

3ORAlfie (Wiggs)Alfie (Wiggs)
3RMSofia (Wiggs)David (Wiggs)
4RHugo (Kenny)Abdul (Wiggs)
4SZara (Kenny)Zara (Kenny)
5HHadley (Morpurgo)Hadley (Morpurgo)
5ALibby (Wiggs)Maddison (Morpurgo)
6RRosa (Kenny)Abigail (Whitlock)
6GFaye (Kenny)Faye (Kenny)

Year group winners – 15 house points for each win

Year Group3-3-33-6-3
3 – boysAlfie (Wiggs)Alfie (Wiggs)
3 – girlsSofia (Wiggs)Fern (Wiggs)
4 – boysHugo (Kenny)Abdul (Wiggs)
4 – girlsZara (Kenny)Zara (Kenny)
5 – boysHadley (Morpurgo)Hadley (Morpurgo)
5 – girlsZoha (Kenny)Maddison (Morpurgo)
6 – boysHarry G (Kenny)Harry G (Kenny)
6 – girlsFaye (Kenny)Faye (Kenny)


Overall winner – 25 house points for each win

Hadley (Morpurgo)Hadley (Morpurgo)