Red Weather Warning

As you are probably aware, the weather is about to get much hotter over the next couple of days and the government has issued its first ever red weather warning for extreme heat.

National and local guidance has been issued to support schools to best look after pupils during this heatwave. This guidance was last updated on Friday. As of Friday, schools in Hertfordshire had not been advised to close and we therefore intend to be open tomorrow and Tuesday.

We will follow national and local guidance and do our best to protect the health of pupils, staff and families during the heatwave conditions.

Currently, the temperature tomorrow is forecast to reach 36 degrees at around 2pm. If you would like to collect your child before the end of the school day, we will authorise your child’s absence from 1.30pm. Please let the school office know in the morning, if you will be collecting your child early.

We do not advise that you keep your child off school tomorrow but if you do decide to do this, although we cannot authorise the absence, it would be helpful to know that this is the reason behind it, thus avoiding a phone call from the office, chasing the absence.

All pupils may come to school in their PE kits tomorrow and Tuesday.

Please ensure that you apply sun cream to your child before school and that you send them in with a refillable water bottle.

If local or national guidance is updated, we will inform families accordingly.

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