Team GB Athlete Marilyn Okoro Visit – Tuesday 30th January

We are very excited to let parents/carers know that we are going to be visited by Team GB athlete Marilyn Okorro on 30th January. Marilyn will be taking workshops with each year group. The workshops will include healthy eating, growth mind-set and a question and answer session.
After Marilyn‘s visit, Mr Sanders and Mr Cropper will be organising a whole school sponsored “ Circuit Challenge ”.  This will comprise of: Killers (short burst of sprinting)

  • Leg drives
  • Burpees
  • Press ups
  • Triceps dips
  • Sit ups
  • Star jumps

Each activity will last for one minute and the children will be counting how many they do on each one; this will be recorded. On the 2nd circuit, they will be attempting to beat the previous total, again recording the result. The circuits will be during their PE lessons in the week after the athlete’s visit.
Your child will be bringing a sponsor form home with them today, to raise money in support of Team GB Athletes. All children who raise money will receive a prize, depending upon how much they raise.