Welcome back Reception!
Autumn has most definitely arrived, the children have already noticed the frosty mornings and the masses of autumnal leaves in our school. It has been lots of fun collecting them with our wheelbarrow, piling them up and running through them.
Our first week back was a busy one, full of lots of colour and celebrations. We began our week learning all about Diwali, reading the story and learning about how it is celebrated. The children have been mesmerised by videos of how to make Rangoli patterns and have spent a long time drawing them and creating their own using coloured sand, rice and beans. They have looked carefully at the details, colours and patterns and have created some wonderful designs. The children also created their own Diva lamps using clay which they will be bringing home. Fireworks have also been a feature of our lessons and we have had so much fun creating pictures using chalk, marbles, glitter and sand.
If you are taking part in celebrations over the coming weeks, please be sure to add photos and videos onto Tapestry. We would love to share them with your children and give them the opportunity to show their friends in class.
The EYFS Team