Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about doctors, paramedics, and nurses. The children have enjoyed playing doctors in our role play area and helping their patients feel better.

We have created different emergency vehicles and people who help us, for our classroom display.

Thanks for all your support this half term. Your children have been working very hard.

We look forward to our new topic and learning all about transport, next half term.


This half term, Reception are learning about the people who help us.

This week, we focused on the police, with a ‘crime scene’ in the book corner.

The children became police officers and investigated the scene, looking for clues and thinking about who could have caused such a mess!

The children have enjoyed dressing up as police officers and solving crimes.

We have also been decorating police cars and making our own police officers.


We look forward to finding out more about the different people who help us in the community, next week.



To support your child’s learning in maths, Numbots (EYFS, KS1), MyMaths (KS1, KS2) and Times Tables Rock Stars (KS1, KS2) can be used to practise key skills.

Please let the class teacher or school office know, if your child has not had or forgotten their log-in details.


Last week, we learnt ‘All About Us.’ We looked carefully at ourselves in the mirror and drew self-portraits. We thought carefully about our skin, hair, and eye colour, as well as additional features, like freckles. We used skin colour crayons and matched the crayon colour to our own skins. We had so much fun expressing ourselves and being creative.



Pupils have started their first full week at Bowmansgreen with enthusiasm. They are becoming more confident and familiar with the school rules, routines and expectations and looking after their classroom environment and equipment.

Lunchtimes are going well, with pupils showing good manners at the dining table, trying new foods and enjoying the social time with their friends.



Our reception classes have made a super start at Bowmansgreen. Children have been busy making friends, getting to know the class adults and their new learning environment.

Today, children will stay for their first lunchtime and finish at 1.30pm.

Please ensure that all of your child’s uniform and belongings are clearly named, including water bottles and shoes.


This half term we have been spending a lot of time practising our story telling skills. We have already enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters for World Book Day and creating some fantastic story boxes. The children clearly spent a long time planning and creating their story boxes and have had the opportunity to share them in class and retell the story to their friends.

Over the coming weeks we are planning to use some fun resources to create familiar stories in class and to encourage the children to retell them using interesting language and  full sentences to explain what is happening. We introduce some interesting words to the children each week and hope they will be more confident using them in playful storytelling activities.

Please remember to share any videos or photographs of your children retelling some of their favourite stories at home. We would love to share the videos with the other children in class.

Mrs Neo
EYFS Phase Leader


Half term already!

It has been a very busy half term in Reception. We spent the first part learning about Pokémon and superheroes; the children loved changing our reading area into a superhero village and role playing superheroes in class.

We used this topic for our Design and Technology project where all of the children were tasked with creating a trap to catch an evil villain! Reception had such wonderful ideas, of using nets, boxes and crates to catch their villain. Please do have a look at the video that will be shared after half-term, showing you all of the children’s D&T work.

Our next topic is going to be ‘transport’ where we will look at and learn about different types of transport including buses, boats, planes and trains. We have some exciting stories to share with the children, including ‘The Naughty Bus’ and ‘Whatever Next!’

If you take part in something exciting or use different types of transport during the half term, please remember to share them with us via Tapestry. We really look forward to seeing some of the fun activities you take part in, during the break.

Early Years Team


Our reception children have been learning about dinosaurs this term. We have learnt about the different types of dinosaurs that existed, the land and environment they lived in and watched videos of erupting volcanoes. The children have learnt so much new vocabulary including: volcanoes, meteors, carnivores, herbivores as well as the names of the different dinosaurs.
To end our topic, we arranged for the children to take part in an exciting dinosaur workshop hosted by Dinogirl Kay. The children had a fantastic time learning about how big the dinosaurs were and what they ate. We took part in an experiment called ‘Smelly Belly’ where Dinogirl ‘re-created’ the belly of a herbivore dinosaur using leaves, rocks and water: it was very smelly indeed!
The children also took part in a fossil dig where they used small brushes to move sand away to reveal and discover different types of fossils. They even had the chance to hold different types of fossils including the egg of a dinosaur and dinosaur poop!
It has been a wonderful topic. Our reception children have impressed us with how much they have learnt and we really enjoyed finishing with such a fun day.
Mrs Neo
EYFS Leader


Welcome back Reception!
Autumn has most definitely arrived, the children have already noticed the frosty mornings and the masses of autumnal leaves in our school. It has been lots of fun collecting them with our wheelbarrow, piling them up and running through them.
Our first week back was a busy one, full of lots of colour and celebrations. We began our week learning all about Diwali, reading the story and learning about how it is celebrated. The children have been mesmerised by videos of how to make Rangoli patterns and have spent a long time drawing them and creating their own using coloured sand, rice and beans. They have looked carefully at the details, colours and patterns and have created some wonderful designs. The children also created their own Diva lamps using clay which they will be bringing home. Fireworks have also been a feature of our lessons and we have had so much fun creating pictures using chalk, marbles, glitter and sand.
If you are taking part in celebrations over the coming weeks, please be sure to add photos and videos onto Tapestry. We would love to share them with your children and give them the opportunity to show their friends in class.
The EYFS Team