Our reception children have been learning about dinosaurs this term. We have learnt about the different types of dinosaurs that existed, the land and environment they lived in and watched videos of erupting volcanoes. The children have learnt so much new vocabulary including: volcanoes, meteors, carnivores, herbivores as well as the names of the different dinosaurs.
To end our topic, we arranged for the children to take part in an exciting dinosaur workshop hosted by Dinogirl Kay. The children had a fantastic time learning about how big the dinosaurs were and what they ate. We took part in an experiment called ‘Smelly Belly’ where Dinogirl ‘re-created’ the belly of a herbivore dinosaur using leaves, rocks and water: it was very smelly indeed!
The children also took part in a fossil dig where they used small brushes to move sand away to reveal and discover different types of fossils. They even had the chance to hold different types of fossils including the egg of a dinosaur and dinosaur poop!
It has been a wonderful topic. Our reception children have impressed us with how much they have learnt and we really enjoyed finishing with such a fun day.
Mrs Neo
EYFS Leader