Headteacher’s Message – 10.11.17

Thank you to those of you who turned out for our parent workshop on Tuesday. Miss Golding and Miss Chilton led a session focused on supporting pupils in Early Years and KS1 with their learning in maths. For those of you with children in Key Stage Two, the maths workshop on December 5th will be specifically tailored to the KS2 curriculum, expectations and strategies. I would urge you to come if you can make it, as it promises to be really informative and will give you an insight into the curriculum that your children are currently working through.
The morning bell rings at 8.45am to signify the shutting of classroom doors with only five minutes remaining until the registers close. Pupils who arrive at the classroom door at this time will be allowed in until the register is closed. After the register has closed, pupils will be asked to go round to the school office and they will be marked in the register as late. Unfortunately, this late mark in the register is also recorded as an unauthorised absence, even if it is a matter of 5 minutes late so please ensure that your children make good use of our ‘soft start’ to the school day where they can go into their classrooms between 8.35 – 8.45am. We will now also ring a bell in the reception playground so that everyone is able to hear the signal.
Mrs Minaoui is on duty by the door to the KS2 playground every morning to see pupils into school and take any messages from parents that need to be passed on to staff. For safeguarding reasons and because of how busy the corridors and classrooms are at this time, parents are not able to enter the school building through this door unaccompanied and must therefore go round to the school office.
Next week is national Anti-Bullying Week, with this year’s theme being: All Different, All Equal. Throughout the week, there are activities and opportunities to empower our pupils to take individual and collective action to prevent bullying. On Tuesday, pupils will see a theatre performance about issues relating to cyberbullying which will reinforce key messages.
And finally, some exciting news to share! I am very happy to inform you that Miss Cutmore has given birth to a healthy baby girl. They are both doing well and we hope to see Miss Cutmore and baby Charlotte very soon.
Have a lovely weekend.